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Malcolm’s imagination and performance skills helped BP design and deliver a safety learning event that was entertaining, engaging and effective. Malcolm is a master at setting the right mood and guiding an audience on its way to the intended outcome. A total pleasure Malcolm – thanks!” (Aug 2014)

Liana Cobby - BP Developments Australia Pty Ltd

Malcolm is the consummate professional and his ability to keep the conference running smoothly and create an energetic and fun atmosphere was what made the event such a great success. He added a level of professionalism and fun that we haven’t had nor experienced before. On the final night he also delivered a comedy hoax.  The information that Malcolm gleaned throughout the few days he spent with us was perfectly woven into the hoax and had everyone in raptures of laughter. (Aug 2014)

Steve Sanders – Vice President Association of School Business Administrators SA/NT

I knew that choosing the right MC would 'make or break' the tone for the day...thankfully we chose Malcolm. His research into our organisation along with his interaction and humour left the room buzzing and delegates loved him. Thanks so much Malcolm. (Aug 2014)

Marcia Barclay, 'Read Write Now' CEO

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! People have been raving about the event non-stop. You were a smashing hit and just the perfect 'ingrediant' we needed! (July 2014)

Dee Faulkner, Communication and Culture Manager, GESB

Thank you so much Malcolm. You certainly made a lasting impression...I was sitting with some conference delegates three days later and we were still laughing thinking about your hoax. One gentlemen even told me he had never laughed so hard in all his life. Simply wonderful. (July 2014)

Janet Hewitt, Tourism Development Manager, Ipswich City Council Victoria

Malcolm created a new character for our 'Paint & Panel Conference' for smash repairers. His European 'crash repair expert' was totally spot on, brilliantly received and thoroughly researched. Not only was the presentation very funny, it also effectively hammered home the main themes of the day. (May 2014)

Sam Street, Editor, Australasian Paint & Panel May

Hiring Malcolm for a corporate hoax to motivate my sales team was the best career decision I have made to date. Not only did he have everyone laughing and engaged, but he also managed to get across a crucial motivational message that reinvigorated the team’s excitement around a product portfolio that had preciously struggled to meet budget.

Malcolm is a true professional who is not only a pleasure to work with but also an outstanding entertainer. (January 2014)  

Tessa Busbridge - Marketting Manager IDEXX Laboratories Victoria


Malcolm's skills as an MC and presenter were outstanding. He absolutely made the difference between having a good conference and an exceptional conference! It was fantastic to have someone who understands our business, acknowledges our work, and at the same time enables us to laugh at ourselves.

He brought energy, vitality and humour, and effortlessly made the conference flow. The feedback from staff was exceptionally positive, and left all participants wanting Malcolm to return again next year! (December 2013) 

Mark Richards - District Director Department for Child Protection & Family Support WA

Well what can I say, other than a BIG thank you for your wonderful contribution in making this years conference on the Gold Coast another huge success. In fact some Franchisee's rate you so highly they are saying you were the highlight of the conference! Your professional MC work and also your efforts in setting the tone and participation at the social events was greatly appreciated.

Joe Siriani - Smartline Director Victoria

I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH.

You did a wonderful job and so professional. I don't have the words to describe how much I appreciated your humour and empathy etc. Absolutely brilliant.

 Sue - Chairperson Social Work alumni UWA

Malcolm was fantastic, he did a superb job and we were amazed at how well he knew what was going on and what the issues were, very clever using the information we provided to create what he did.
Once again many many thanks to Malcolm for an excellent job!


Thankyou for the laughter you created for the Hyundai Team. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your sense of humour and many have phoned to say how wonderful the night was and commented on some of your quotes. You really helped make the night a huge success.


This was the second time Woodside has utilised Malcolm's services and he certainly did not disappoint. It was very, very clever and extremely funny: a most polished performance.


The best speaker was the loud, brash 'American' whom we fell for hook, line and sinker.

Thank you so much Malcolm for tailoring your presentation to the specific requirements of our group. The National Conference delegates founf extremely funny and entertaining - even more so once they realised it was a Hoax!


HIdden Pages

Emergency Emergency

'Life isn't an emergency unless you make it so'.

Some people enjoy an emergency and thrive on the energy and buzz that goes with it. I'm not one of them. It's taken me some years to realise that simply because someone throws you the ball doesn't mean you have to catch it, respond or get involved. You can simply refuse to play and watch the ball bounce harmlessly on bye. However some people won't like it because it then forces them to retrieve their own ball and that's not in the book of 'I throw and you catch' rules of life.

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The deafening joy of silence

My youngest son and I having a bush brekkie

Listening is much more invigorating than giving voice to all the thoughts and prejudices that anyway keep me company 24/7. And it's only by going nowhere - by sitting still or letting my mind relax - that i find that the thoughts that come to me unbidden are far fresher and more imaginative than the ones I consciously seek out. Trying to find a quiet place in the midst of a crowded day open up unsuspected space

Pico Iyer

Until twelve months ago, I wasn't very good at slowing down. I would run, leap or spectacularly stumble from one thing to another.

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Seth Godin and the Circus

Today's article from Seth (see below) is the reason is why I'm a big fan of his.

Personally I've just arrived in Kalgoorlie ready for tomorrow's Goldfields District DCP Conference. I get to work (Facilitate the day and perform a keynote) with a wonderful, diverse and committed crew who are travelling from far and wide to attend. The tent is 'pitched', 'tickets sold' and 'tables set'. Looking forward to a mighty day. May we have a most excellent and worthwhile conference.

And now over to Seth.

Oh and if you haven't subscribed to Mr Godin's daily emails I strongly encourage you to think about it. I really think you'll enjoy them.



"Too often, we wait. We wait to get the gig, or to make the complex sale, or to find the approval we seek. Then we decide it's time to get to work and put on our show.

The circus doesn't work that way. They don't wait to be called. They show up. They show up and sell tickets.

When you transform the order of things, the power shifts. "The circus is going to be here tomorrow, are you going?" That's a very different question than, "are you willing to go out on a limb and book the circus? If you are, we'll come to town..."

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Truth tellers - Carl Sagan

My friend and colleague, the wonderful Mr Warwick Merry, sent out the following email today. I think it worth sharing - particularly the brilliant clip from Carl Sagan. Says it all really. Enjoy.

'Let's Do Better'

I am tired of all the disrespect and lack of tolerance.

Whether it is road rage, bombing, messy divorces, frivolous legal suits or over entitled celebrities, it is NOT progressing our planet or our existence.

Let's do better.

Once you have some perspective, you see how unimportant we are to the universe and how important we are to each other.
If you need some perspective, watch this short video from Carl Sagan, legendary astrophysicist.

Let's do better.

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New Year Greetings - quick survival tips

Happy 2015 good people.

Santa has weaved his magic for another year, the reindeers are in therapy, 2014 has come to an end and next week Easter Eggs will start appearing in the shops!

It also means parents have the January holidays to negotiate. This is both a wonderful and challenging time for parents and communicating clearly is crucial, especially if you are separated and have an ex partner to negotiate with.

My Ninja dad survival tips are as follows:

Firstly when dealing with your kids:

  1. If you make promises to your kids these holidays be absolutely, positively, friggin sure you can carry them out. Childhood memories of broken promises can linger for years. Never take them lightly.

  2. Don't let kids rot in front of the TV and/or computer/Xbox/Wii blaa blaa for the duration of the holidays. Get them out and walking, running playing every day.

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2015 - Onwards and Upwards

The greatest danger we face as modern parents is that we'll forget why we're doing it in the first place. Worried parents perceive dangers where none lurk. Worried parents convert their own uncertainties and anxieties to their children. Sometimes as we struggle to give our children what we think we didn't have as a child, we lose sight of what we did.
Jonathan Biggins

In 2015 may we all back ourselves in, parent with confidence and kick butt. (Preferably not our own.)

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Ninja Dad's Christmas tips of Merriment


From Ninja Dad to the world...Merry Festiveness to you all.

Now don't forget the seven sacred Christmas tasks:

  1. Tomorrow night, don't forget to leave chopped carrots, water and beer out for Santa and the venison walkers (even if you don't have kids or they are all grown up)
  2. Gifts and cards ready to give to your neighbours (especially if you don't know them that well as hey, it could be the start of something good)

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New Bogan Book just in...

Yep, for those of ya's who been askin about the new version of me kids Bogan Book, I'm stoked to say it's here yeah. It's got 10 new pics and some different words and stuff. It's tops and make's a bloody great Chrissy prez.

If ya want me to chuck you one in the mail, just buy a copy and I'll get onto it.

Merry Ho Ho Ho



Parenting Ideas Issue 14 is out now

The latest edition of Parenting Ideas has hit the streets.

If you are a parent and want to know where to find the latest ideas, suggestions, help, inspiration and knowledge to help you on your mighty parenting journey, then look no further.

Check out the link below and you will find everything you need to assist you on the wonderful, joyful, occassionally frustrating but ultimately amazing adventure of raising kids in today's busy world.





Vic Park Library tomorrow night...A Matter of Laugh or Death

Late notice I know but if you live near Vic Park read below...might see you there.


A Matter of Laugh or Death:

Time: 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Venue: Victoria Park Library

 How to stay happy, healthy and sane under pressure!

Free event. Light refreshments will be served at 6pm.

There is an old saying, ‘If you don’t laugh, you go mad.’ We all experience moments of ‘madness’ from time to time. Comedian Malcolm Dix will help you slow down, pull over and see the ever-present humour in life.

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