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Malcolm created a new character for our 'Paint & Panel Conference' for smash repairers. His European 'crash repair expert' was totally spot on, brilliantly received and thoroughly researched. Not only was the presentation very funny, it also effectively hammered home the main themes of the day. (May 2014)

Sam Street, Editor, Australasian Paint & Panel May


Hiring Malcolm for a corporate hoax to motivate my sales team was the best career decision I have made to date. Not only did he have everyone laughing and engaged, but he also managed to get across a crucial motivational message that reinvigorated the team’s excitement around a product portfolio that had preciously struggled to meet budget.

Malcolm is a true professional who is not only a pleasure to work with but also an outstanding entertainer. (January 2014)  

Tessa Busbridge - Marketting Manager IDEXX Laboratories Victoria


Malcolm's skills as an MC and presenter were outstanding. He absolutely made the difference between having a good conference and an exceptional conference! It was fantastic to have someone who understands our business, acknowledges our work, and at the same time enables us to laugh at ourselves.

He brought energy, vitality and humour, and effortlessly made the conference flow. The feedback from staff was exceptionally positive, and left all participants wanting Malcolm to return again next year! (December 2013) 

Mark Richards - District Director Department for Child Protection & Family Support WA

Well what can I say, other than a BIG thank you for your wonderful contribution in making this years conference on the Gold Coast another huge success. In fact some Franchisee's rate you so highly they are saying you were the highlight of the conference! Your professional MC work and also your efforts in setting the tone and participation at the social events was greatly appreciated.

Joe Siriani - Smartline Director Victoria

I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH.

You did a wonderful job and so professional. I don't have the words to describe how much I appreciated your humour and empathy etc. Absolutely brilliant.

 Sue - Chairperson Social Work alumni UWA

Malcolm was fantastic, he did a superb job and we were amazed at how well he knew what was going on and what the issues were, very clever using the information we provided to create what he did.
Once again many many thanks to Malcolm for an excellent job!


Thankyou for the laughter you created for the Hyundai Team. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your sense of humour and many have phoned to say how wonderful the night was and commented on some of your quotes. You really helped make the night a huge success.


This was the second time Woodside has utilised Malcolm's services and he certainly did not disappoint. It was very, very clever and extremely funny: a most polished performance.


The best speaker was the loud, brash 'American' whom we fell for hook, line and sinker.

Thank you so much Malcolm for tailoring your presentation to the specific requirements of our group. The National Conference delegates founf extremely funny and entertaining - even more so once they realised it was a Hoax!


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Put in or Piss Off

Put in or piss off...was one of the mantra's of my under 16's footy coach. At the time it was a bit of a shock to hear and in many ways I had no idea what this thirty something ancient oldie with a giant moustache was babbling about. Fast forward thirty years and I now realise he was right. I've tried so many shortcuts over the years from leaving things to the last minute, winging it on the night or simply giving up. It's really only been in the last 15 months since I stopped drinking (is their a link...me thinks yes!) that I understand that nothing does or can replace hard work. Now I tell my kids this and they stare back at me like I'm speaking Wookie.

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Latest Parenting Ideas Magzing out now


Hi all,

The latest edition is out now so head over to the website below and see what you think.

As always, great articles and a fascinating read that all parents will enjoy, including my latest story from Aus Kick...





Let kids leap, stumble and fall

Kids are gonna get hurt. At some point they are going to lose, feel sad, lonely and struggle. It's unavoidable but it's also necessary if they are going to grow up and grow well.

As parents our job is to be there to encourage them through these tough times and let them know that they will be okay. To help them learn from these difficult moments. Our job is not to charge in, save them and fight their battles. Parents are like sherpa's guiding our kids up the mountain, but at the end of the day kids need to do the climbing themselves.

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Ninja Dad sacredly observes...

In recent days, Ninja dad did but converse with small gathering of expectant first time fathers to be.

Several nervous men did seek to gain an understanding of what was to come - how birth of sacred child will impact on life as they currently know it. Difficult to answer such conundrum as each birth most unique and every baby so diverse. What I shared with them is what I learned from my (fourth) baby's first few months on planet Earth:

1)     If mother and father are to survive first few months intact they must sleep, whenever and wherever possible.

It is crucial to understand that babies do not give flying fart about mum and dad's state of wellbeing. It is not unusual for parents in the early days to look, sound and behave like zombie monkeys. Sleep deprivation is complete shock to system that can take considerable getting used to. Even coffee fails to inspire but it will improve...eventually!

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'Marble Bar' Book launch next Friday

If you haven't read Robert's first book - 'Heist' then go buy it now and start reading.

If you have read it, like me, you'll be hanging out for the next installment. And at last it's here. Yes tomorrow I'm glad to be helping Robert launch his next masterpiece. If you are in the vicinity of Mt Lawley, why not stumble in and get a copy of his new book autographed on the night. It promises to be a lot of fun. (Just RSVP to be sure)

Enjoy your weekend,

Heave Ho,



June 26 - Join me for a big Breakfast

Hi all,

I believe there are still a few spots available, so contact MEA (details below) and come along for an early morning laugh, big brekky, make some great connections and hit the day running.

Might see you there.


26 Jun 2014

7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Pan Pacific Perth

Registrations Close
23 Jun 2014

Contact Details





Peak Hour Parenting


Tonight at St Columba's primary school in Bayswater, Peak Hour Parenting will be unleashed upon the world.

Dr Jenny Brockis and myself are looking forward to seeing all those parents who have registered tonight. It's not too late to join us for a fun filled, informative and dynamic night.

Jenny and I will be looking at the folowing:

  • Raising resilient kids
  • The roles men play in raising great children
  • The 3 most common types of parents
  • How we can help build kids confidence
  • Thriving as parents.

So we look forward to seeing you all there at 7pm.

Till then,





Men's Mind Matters happening Monday

Last minute notice I know...

But if you are in Perth on Monday morning, feel free to join Heath Black along with a panel of damn good people sharing their amazing, sometimes harrowing and truly uplifting stories. It's free and if last years gathering was anything to go by, you don't want to miss it.

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Ninja Dad observes...

All around me I see screens of plasma, tablets, laptops, phones of smartness and such like technological creations plaguing our every moment of indecision. One observes young kiddies eyes drawn helplessly to such desires like magnets drawn to big metal things.

One's head it does in resulting in pangs of frustration and muttering words of filth that make observers eyebrows raise like frightened caterpillar.

Ninja Dad says now is time to draw sand in line. Turn off addictive screens of doom and only then will following unfold:

1) Acive children will become

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Pool pushers

Last year I read a book, (I can't recall the authors name) but effectively he was saying that almost every day, someone or something will sneakily push us into a freezing cold pool. Every single day we will get unexpectedly dumped, wet and drenched to the bone. How we climb out of the 'pool' is the key. As we crawl out, dripping and shivering, will we be angry and looking for someone to blame or worse, someone to extract revenge on. Or will we accept it was one hell of a surprise, not entirely pleasant, but accepting that it's happened and try and learn from it as best we can.

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