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  Hiring Malcolm for a corporate hoax to motivate my sales team was the best career decision I have made to date. Not only did he have everyone laughing and engaged, but he also managed to get across a crucial motivational message that reinvigorated the team’s excitement around a product portfolio that had preciously struggled to meet budget.

Malcolm is a true professional who is not only a pleasure to work with but also an outstanding entertainer. (January 2014)  

Tessa Busbridge - Marketting Manager IDEXX Laboratories Victoria


Malcolm's skills as an MC and presenter were outstanding. He absolutely made the difference between having a good conference and an exceptional conference! It was fantastic to have someone who understands our business, acknowledges our work, and at the same time enables us to laugh at ourselves.

He brought energy, vitality and humour, and effortlessly made the conference flow. The feedback from staff was exceptionally positive, and left all participants wanting Malcolm to return again next year! (December 2013) 

Mark Richards - District Director Department for Child Protection & Family Support WA

Well what can I say, other than a BIG thank you for your wonderful contribution in making this years conference on the Gold Coast another huge success. In fact some Franchisee's rate you so highly they are saying you were the highlight of the conference! Your professional MC work and also your efforts in setting the tone and participation at the social events was greatly appreciated.

Joe Siriani - Smartline Director Victoria

I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH.

You did a wonderful job and so professional. I don't have the words to describe how much I appreciated your humour and empathy etc. Absolutely brilliant.

 Sue - Chairperson Social Work alumni UWA

Malcolm was fantastic, he did a superb job and we were amazed at how well he knew what was going on and what the issues were, very clever using the information we provided to create what he did.
Once again many many thanks to Malcolm for an excellent job!


Thankyou for the laughter you created for the Hyundai Team. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your sense of humour and many have phoned to say how wonderful the night was and commented on some of your quotes. You really helped make the night a huge success.


This was the second time Woodside has utilised Malcolm's services and he certainly did not disappoint. It was very, very clever and extremely funny: a most polished performance.


The best speaker was the loud, brash 'American' whom we fell for hook, line and sinker.

Thank you so much Malcolm for tailoring your presentation to the specific requirements of our group. The National Conference delegates founf extremely funny and entertaining - even more so once they realised it was a Hoax!


HIdden Pages


I've just been reading Catherine Gerhardt's latest article in the Parenting Ideas magazine (see link below) where she talks about teens and social media. As the father of two teens (& two toddlers who thankfully are years away from understanding social media) Catherine talks about guidelines for young people to consider before posting content on whatever site takes their obsession!

Cathering talks about an oldie and goodie rule of thumb:

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Latest Parenting Ideas magazine out now on iTunes...fancy schmanzy

Yep, issue 11 of Parenting Ideas Magazine is out now. They have launched it on iTunes so head over to the App store and download it for free. (Follow the link below)


Another great edition with contributions from the likes of:

  • Maggie Dent
  • Bill Jennings
  • Michael Grose
  • Sue McAdam
  • Yours truly
  • And many more

Pass it on to whoever you think may enjoy it.

Happy Parenting,



New Zealand - kids doing 'thungs' differently

Having just returned from presenting at a conference in Queenstown NZ, I was not only stunned by the scenery - gobsmackingly so - I also stumbled across this article by an Amercian who had written the following article in Canada about a school doing things ever so differently in NZ. (It's a big/small connected world isn't it.) I couldn't get to check out the school unfortunately, however I love what their doing.

The guys name is Tim Elmore (http://growingleaders.com/tim-elmore) and he sends out blogs almost every day. If you like the following article check him out.

The article ties in perfectly with lots of discussion currently taking place in Australian schools.



Ridding Swanson Primary School of playtime rules is having an incredible impact on children who attend the Auckland, New Zealand elementary school. The principal and faculty decided to try something completely counter-intuitive, then assess how the students responded to see the results.

I think it’s safe to say–most everyone was stunned.

Instead of the usual list of “rules” most schools enforce, Principal Bruce McLachlan abandoned the recess rubric as part of a successful university experiment. He had a hunch that all the rules and boundaries were backfiring. At first glance, recess looks like chaos, he admits, with the kids climbing trees, riding skateboards and playing very active, physical games. But in the end, the students don’t choose anarchy or bedlam, McLachlan reported. They actually don’t get hurt.

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Your call

If you don't make time to be healthy, you will need to find time to be sick. If you don't make time for your family, then you will need to make time for your family lawyer! Your call.
Bruce Sullivan.

Having been down the Family Lawyer Path I can testify it's not a whole lot of fun. My ex and I made 'our call', and while it was absolutely the best thing for our family, the last seven years has seen its fair share of pain, anger, frustration and forgiveness along the way. It's been one hell of an rollicking ride. A ride that just as you were about to get off, suddenly sped up again and all you could do was hang on and not throw up on the people behind you.

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First 100 Bogan words book launch of awesomeness

A big bogan THANKS HEAPS to all our friends, family and fans who came and made our book launch a rollicking success. Book sales have exceeded all our expectations - and at this stage we have really only targeted WA. We have already sold books to the US and the UK not to mention the rest of Oz so word is spreading fast, and Alex and I planning another print run later in the year. So if there are any words you think are missing make sure you email us.

And special cheers to Crow Books for letting us take over your shop for the afternoon. You guys were AWESOME. (Arguably the best bookstore in Perth - check it out)


Book launch of awesomeness


My mum and sister weaving their best bogan fashion and food magic

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What kind of chocolate are you?

Below is an article I just read that quotes 'Dr Bruce Robinson' from the Fathering Project. (TFP)


Having done a bit of work with TFP in the past, I'm a big fan of what Bruce and the team are trying to achieve.


So have a read and think about what type of chocolate you are. Ive been both at different times. Here's to more of the caramello type.


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200 years ago...

Too many parents make life hard for their children by trying, too zealously, to make it easy for them.

Goethe - 200 friggin years ago

This parenting caper is not new. It's been around ever since we hunted mammoths and danced joyously in the dirt.

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It's aliiiiiiiive...at last

It appears nothing can stop the juggernaut now folks. After many years of talking about getting kids active, at last we are making it happen on a large scale.

Read today's article in the West below and open the link to see the entire story.

It has begun. Yihaa.

The Queensland and South Australian governments will adopt a groundbreaking program aimed at getting children off the couch and into nature after its success in WA.

Nature Play WA was launched in 2010 to encourage children to get outside and experience unstructured play away from computers and televisions.

About 125,000 children - more than half of all primary school students in WA - have since signed up to the Nature Play Passport program, which sets outdoor tasks to complete.

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From Boys to good men

Below is an article from Maggie Dent - who seems to be in the media everywhere at the moment which is great to see.

Maggie's brand spanking new DVD titled 'Boys Boys Boys' is also now available. So if like me you can never get tickets to attend Maggies workshops in person before they all sell out, then this may be the next best thing.

Enjoy and talk soon,



Given the current deep community outpourings of concern for the senseless violence present on Australian streets at night, the disturbing numbers of little boys being suspended and expelled from our schools, and the decreasing numbers of young men attending and graduating university, something is going wrong in the world of our boys.

I lay blame on society, which seems to have stolen boyhood in the name of a sanitised, politically correct, gender neutral, bland childhood.

One of the world’s leading writers on boys and men, Michael Gurian, believes the invisible drive at the biological core of manhood is the pursuit to prove self-worth. No one can give a man his self-worth – he has to give this to himself. The guidance of good men, of course, helps.

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Nature Play rocks

Thanks to the wonderful Parenting guru Maggie Dent (www.maggiedent.com) for passing this on.
Check out the Nature Play clip and get your kids outside this weekend.
'Well done Nature Play WA.'

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